9 Lessons on Life and Entrepreneurship with SuperLatina Gaby Natale

Written by on July 3, 2017

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I love to find stories of success that can inspire others to pursue excellence in their own careers.

Gaby Natale is a three-time Daytime Emmy Award-winning journalist, TV personality and author.

She spends her days bouncing from the set of her television show SuperLatina, to multiple locations around the United States to interview the hottest celebrities.

Lately, Natale has been spending a lot of her time promoting her new book, “El Círculo Virtuoso” (“The Virtuous Circle”).

9 lessons every entrepreneur should learn with journalist, TV personality and author Gaby Natale

Journey to the Top

As many successful entrepreneurs know, the journey to the top is rather long and bumpy. It doesn’t happen overnight. 

Natale’s career started as an unemployed journalism graduate in Argentina.  Destiny gave her an opportunity to move to the United States, and hard work a path to the Top.

Production of her show SuperLatina started in 2007, at a carpet warehouse in a West Texas mall. 

Fast forward 10 years, Gaby Natale is now a three-time Emmy winner. Along with her husband and business partner, Andrés Suárez, they have turned SuperLatina into a nationally syndicated show, with over 52 million views on YouTube and more than 100,000 followers on social media. 

In an interview for my podcast One Take, Episode 16: A Lesson on Perseverance with SuperLatina Gaby Natale, I asked Natale to share the most valuable lessons that have forged their entrepreneurial journey.  (You can click to listen to the entire interview on this browser or click here to subscribe and download on iTunes). 


1. Have a great attitude

When unemployed in Argentina, Natale volunteered at a conference. She worked for free while colleagues got paid, which made her feel like a loser. She tried to complain to her mom, but Mamá Cristina gave her little sympathy and great advice:

“Gabriela, you are going to go to the job, even if it is an unpaid job, and you are going to work with your best attitude… You never know when opportunity will knock on your door”. 

At the last minute, the translator that was supposed to work at the conference canceled, and Natale ended up translating for a group of professors from George Washington University. 

This gig led to a remote working relationship with the professors, and later, to the opportunity of moving to Washington, DC. In the United States Natale started her career as a public relations executive. 

2. Be willing to sacrifice

After working in public relations, Natale became a TV news anchor for Univision in West, Texas. She had the idea of creating a show that could empower women to develop a strong sense of self, their “SuperLatina”.

She pitched the idea to her bosses, but they were not interested. Natale had to make tough choices to pursue her dream.

She left the anchor desk to teach communications at three different colleges. This move gave her the freedom to work on SuperLatina while still being able to pay the bills. 

Some people questioned her decision.  But Natale decided to move on to pursue her dream. 

3. Model successful people

 Always learn from people who are at the peak of excellence in their careers.

Lack of experience didn’t stop Natale from producing a television show from scratch.

To figure things out, she looked up to the women who were making it big in the media. She studied what Tyra Banks, Oprah, Martha Stewart and Christina Saralegui were doing, and found the inspiration she needed to keep going.

By modeling what successful people are doing you can learn and create your own products.

4. Go to the SBA

Natale and her husband had no money to start SuperLatina. They tried, unsuccessfully,  to get loans to buy cameras and other equipment. Banks wouldn’t extend loans to them because, as recent immigrants, they had no credit history.

They didn’t give up. Instead, went to the Small Business Administration where they received the piece of advice that would change the course of their lives. 

“Go to the Credit Union”. They are mission-driven and a better fit for entrepreneurs like them. That is how they got their loan.

5. Be open minded

Look at nontraditional ways of achieving your dream.

Natale and her husband tried to start production of their show at a CBS television station in West Texas. The manager was interested but had no availability to accommodate the shoot in his studio.

They kept an open mind and started recording the show at a carpet warehouse. Having a television show that was produced from a carpet warehouse was immensely better, than having no television show at all.

6. Embrace change

The show was canceled after six months of production. The warehouse owner decided to turn it into a commercial space.

They had to act fast to find an alternative channel to air and a place to shoot. Natale and her husband learned that although you can plan, nothing is set in stone.

When change arrives it is vital to not panic. Being able to respond fast when emergencies arrive is the differentiator that will keep you in business. 

 7. Location matters

In 2009, Natale and her husband decided to move to Dallas, Texas. Things started to change radically being in one of the top U.S. television markets.

They accessed better talent, more interviews, and better sponsors. The growth of their business allowed them to expand to other markets. 

In 2014, VmeTV, a national Spanish public television network affiliated to PBS, picked up SuperLatina for national syndication. The show is now available in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada and around the world through Super Latina TV YouTube channel.

8. Leverage social media

From the beginning, they uploaded SuperLatina shows to YouTube so that friends and family in Argentina could watch them.

But they realized that people all over the world were watching the show! To date, their YouTube channel has more than 52 million views.

The documented success of SuperLatina allowed Natale to negotiate better deals with broadcasters and sponsors. 

You should always cultivate your own social media brand because you never know when that following is going to come in handy.

9. Know your strengths and weaknesses 

If you want to reach the top you must know your strengths and perfect them. But you should also know your weaknesses and improve them.

 “Excellence is something you are not born with, but it is a skill that can be learned”.


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