Take 14: Feeling burned out at work?

Written by on March 19, 2017


Are you feeling burned out at work? I did for a long time. Then the day came and I finally quit my job. To be honest, I was sure it was time for me to move on.

In this podcast episode, I share with you some of the reasons that drove me to take that decision after spending 17 years of my life working in the television and news industry.

The great lesson that I learned is this: you don’t have to wait to be miserable at work to look for a change. There are always going to be factors that we can control and others that are beyond our control. The problem arises when we lose the motivation to change the situations that are under our control. If that is where you find yourself in your career my story might help you.

I quit

How to find your next dream job?

Yezmin Thomas

I decided to quit but I did it the right way. For instance, I exhausted my options to improve my situation at work and didn’t just walk away with no direction or place to go to.  Also, I invested time in myself and my future by considering my options. It helped to read a lot of books and prayed.

Throughout this process, I stayed true to who I am, a hard-working woman who values serving others with excellence. I was determined to find a new environment to thrive in. Then, the opportunity arrived and I was ready for it.

How to find your next dream job?

Many of us sit back, do nothing and become miserable in the office. I am not being judgmental, we have all been there. It is up to us to find change.

How did I find my next dream job? Allow me to be silly but first of all, you dream about it. And you dream big! What does it look like?

Think about who:

  • Do you want to be like when you grow up?
  • Is there anybody you admire?
  • Perhaps someone you envy?
  • Who has the job that you would die for?

Do you picture him or her? Great! Now, you need to take action. Go talk to them! Find out how they got there? What did they study? What are the skills they need to do their jobs? You must learn them! Google and YouTube how-to videos; nowadays you can learn almost anything for free on the Internet. Take a free course online. Learn new skills.

How bad do you want it?

Are the people that you want to be like not accessible to you? Are they famous? Great! Follow them! Have they written any books, published blogs or podcasts? That is how you gain access to them. Know their story! Study what they have done and how they got to where they are. There is no reason why you can’t get there. But it takes work, it takes time, it takes patience and desire. How bad do you want it? That is how bad it is going to happen.

I knew I was ready for something big and prepared for it. I did not want to miss the opportunity the moment it arrived. When it happened, I learned another big lesson; your resume alone will not get you the dream job.

The opportunities that are presented to you today are the result of the work that you have put in through your career.

What have you done in the last 5, 10, or 20 years? How hard have you worked, treated people, and served others? If you wonder why your career isn’t going anywhere perhaps it is time to look back, analyze, and start working on your tomorrow.

That is how I got my next dream job.

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Yezmin Thomas.

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