Take 16: A lesson on perseverance with SuperLatina Gaby Natale

Written by on June 25, 2017


Hello everyone! Welcome to Take 016: A lesson on perseverance with journalist, entrepreneur and author Gaby Natale.

In this episode, we’ll hear Gaby´s inspirational success story. She went from being an unemployed journalism graduate in Argentina to Daytime Emmy Award winner in the United States.

Natale´s journey started when she left Buenos Aires to take a job as public relations executive in Washington, DC. Her career took her to Sonora, México, where she became a border reporter for TV Azteca and Univision. Later Gaby would become a news anchor for Univision in West Texas.

The moment we had our green cards approved my husband and I had the conversation, what do we really want to do now?


Take 016: A lesson on perseverance with journalist, entrepreneur and author Gaby Natale

Gaby Natale

Natale wanted to start a show that she could have full control of; SuperLatina was born. “It started with a simple question. I have been interviewing people who are at the top of their field, they are true champions of their field. What do my guests have in common?”, said Natale.

To date, the national television show is syndicated in 43 Television markets in the USA, Puerto Rico and Canada and has over 52 million total YouTube views. 

In addition to a successful career in media, Natale is celebrating the launch of her new book “El Círculo Virtuoso” or “The Virtuous Circle”.

I hope that you enjoy this episode!

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