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Yezmin Thomas

Working mom, award-winning journalist, & financial coach.

About Yezmin Thomas

Hi, I'm Yezmin. One of the smartest money decisions I've ever made is to pursue a debt-free lifestyle. It's given me the financial freedom to make a career move, start a business, and have more time for my family.

Through my blog, podcast, and YouTube channel, I teach high-achieving moms how to live out their best financial futures.

I use my training as a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach, my experience as an 11-time regional Emmy award-winning investigative journalist, and the lessons I learned struggling through the 2008 Recession, to teach driven women how to take charge of their financial success.

As hard-working moms, we should reward ourselves. And enjoying all the things, debt-free, is a pillar of my money philosophy.

If you would prefer to learn with me in Spanish, check out my content at www.asivivomejor.com.