Take 26: The Secrets to Negotiate a Higher Salary and Better Benefits

Written by on October 12, 2017


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Hello everyone!

Welcome to Take 26: The Secrets to Negotiate a Higher Salary and Better Benefits with author and expert negotiator Elizabeth Suarez.

It is not a secret that on average, women in the United States are paid less than men for doing the same job. That is a big problem and my initial reaction is to point the finger at the entire male population!

But we are not going to put the blame on others in this episode. Instead, we are going to empower women.


Elizabeth Suarez, expert negotiator and author


My guest is Elizabeth Suarez, expert in Alternative Dispute Resolution and Leadership. She spent more than fifteen years climbing the ranks of corporate America.

Through her career and years of coaching professionals she learned that we cannot blame men for this situation. On the contrary, we as women need to get mad at ourselves.

To change this situation, women need to learn to negotiate better benefits, preferences, and salaries with prospective employers.

Elizabeth has compiled years of expert advice in her new book, The Art of Getting Everything.

In this Episode

We will learn:

  • Why you should never take the first job offer even if you believe it is a great offer
  • To understand your compensation as a “whole package” that includes salary, professional development opportunities, special privileges, and the option to have a flexible work schedule.
  • That in many cases, men get paid more because they negotiate more than women
  • A job offer is the beginning of a negotiation
  • How to face challenges as an entrepreneur
  • Why following these three steps can get you everything that you want
    • Practice
    • Confidence
    • Asking

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