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My name Yezmin Thomas, I am a wife, working mom, journalist, podcast host, and dog lover trying to do it all.

One day, I finally realized that I couldn’t. So, I decided to embark in a journey to seek wisdom to live a simple, healthy and happy lifestyle.

This is how One Take was born!

Join me as I take an honest look at myself and at our society and:

  • Seek wisdom to find my purpose and live a meaningful life
  • Question our society’s addiction with acquiring stuff and drowning in debt and offer a debt free lifestyle as the path to happiness
  • Offer insight into taking control of our money, time and lives to live at peace instead of stressed out

I don’t have all the answers but I am searching for them!

In some episodes, I go solo. In others, I interview people from all walks of life to seek guidance to live with purpose, to stop the comparisons and to find contentment with what we have.

This is a raw, thought provoking podcast, that seeks to inspire and empower listeners to become the best version of themselves and to simplify their lives.

Stop making your life complicated! There is a better way, lets discover it together!


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